A 4ft by 4ft canvas saying 50 million deaths you should remember.
This is my tribute to the men, women and children lost in conflicts. This number is higher but this was the figure mentioned on tv in an interview with @freddiebentleyofficial.
This is my public response to his comments that World War 2 should not be taught in schools! If we do not teach about the events in the past how do we learn from them? If you don’t know as a child that 80 million people died in World War 2 and the reasons they died, how can we stop this from happening again?
A prison sentence is used to put some one off committing a crime and realise that there is a consequence to their actions. Learning about war also has the same effect. Learning that millions lost there lives to protect values should be taught!
I don’t think Freddie Bentle is a bad person for his comments, he is more than likely one of the people who is under educated in the history of the event. 
That said, this is my tribute to all of the men women and children. You will remember them!