I carefully selected The Kelham Deli as the recipient of don’t cry over split coffee, because not only are they one my first 1000 Instagram followers, they also are an environmentally friendly business using no plastic and eco friendly packing. This is my dig at the larger coffee retailers not doing their bit. 

Last night I gained entry to the premises (without prior arrangement or permission) to install my work, then secured the premises back up after.

I then acquired a beautiful chocolate brownie, installing art is hungry work. I can say it was very nice too! For this privilege, I left £20.00 to cover the brownie – I think that should stop him calling the police.

As no crime has taken place, only trespass and I think I compensated the owners well they can keep the art too. If the owner has a claim against me I’m more than happy to talk.

Please shop local and support our environment.